a picture from Ebrington towards the city side showing the river foyle, peace bridge, the city skyline and a blue sky


Derry Smart Tour is a free mobile app to help you make the most of your visit to the Walled City

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Automatically get information about your current location
Nearby Landmarks Sample
Easily find local landmarks that are nearby
Tour Route Sample
Create your own custom tour and be guided around the city
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Use augmented reality to identify landmarks at a distance
Detailed Information
Information Sample
Detailed information about over 100 different points of interest, local history and famous people from the city.
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Local Businesses
Businesses Sample
Quickly find great local businesses such as hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and tour guides without leaving the app.
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Upcoming events
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Find out what events are on while you are in Derry from within the app with events from What's on Derry Strabane.
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