The Yellow Yard

Comprised of independent traders with a shared vision, The Yellow Yard is responding creatively to economic change and breathing new life into Derry

The Yellow Yard is in a special location. Opposite is St Augustine’s Church. The city walls run right past the front door practically, down towards First Derry Presbyterian Church. Round the corner on Society Street are the Apprentice Boys’ Memorial Hall and the Siege Museum. Walk past there to Bishop Street Within and you’ll see the Bishop’s Gate Hotel. Strikingly different from all of them, in every way you might imagine, the Yellow Yard nevertheless takes its place alongside them, a key player in the revitalisation of this part of the city, bringing vibrancy, independence, stubbornness, and colour.


Abbazappa Record Shop (Phone: +44 7731360234)

The Plot Thickens Bookshop (Phone: +44 7462 585484)

Little Blue World Gift Shop (Phone: +44 7462 585484)

Daisy Age (Vintage and pre-loved clothes (Phone: +44 7462 585484)

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