Derry Taxis

Derry Taxis is one of the oldest taxi firms in the city and now works in parnership with a local learning disability charity Destined.

In the 1980s and 1990s Derry Taxis managed a fleet of Black Taxis, that operated across a number of routes in the city, that operated on a shared-fare basis.

Sadly, the Black Taxi went into demise, and disappeared from the streets of Derry. However, Black Taxi Tour is a chance to re-introduce the famous Black Taxi back onto the street of Derry.

Derry Taxis operates a taxi rank in Foyle Street just outside of the bus depot so Derry Taxis are perfect for tourists coming intot he city via bus.

Derry Black Taxi Tours
Derry Black Taxi Tours are the only company that offers Taxi-Tours in the iconic Black Taxi within the North West of Ireland. Travel in time through the history of our unique city from Monastic Settlement, Plantation, Siege to the 21 st Century. All Tours facilitated by experienced Guides.
Foyle Valley Railway Museum
Foyle Valley Railway Museum is a museum that was open by local council in 1990 on the site of the former GNR Ireland Foyle Road station. The museum was closed in 2002 but in August 2016 it was taken over by local learning disability charity Destined, who have plans to fully reopen the museum to the public again.
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