Derry Smart Tour - Make the most of your visit to the Walled City

Derry Smart Tour is a free mobile app to accompany you on your visit to the Walled City

The app works by using GPS and other sensors in mobile phones to identify local landmarks and provide information about them. When you are in or next to one of the city’s many landmarks the app will display information relating to it. When you aren’t near anything it will display the nearest 10 landmarks or you can use the Augmented Reality mode to identify landmarks at a distance.

On top of landmarks the app also contains history of the city which is linked to an area that is related to it and information about famous people from the city linked to either where they lived or a place they were associated with.

All the information in app can be accessed from a list or map which is usable without moving around, the information provided contains links to related areas, pictures, links to websites to learn more and videos were relevant. Most of the app can be used with no internet connection so not having data roaming is not a problem.

For extra convenience the app also has information on local services such as guided tours, bars, restaurants, shops etc and a list of local events from What’s On Derry Strabane. There is also a tour route feature were the app will guide you to different landmarks in the city and display the information about them, it can’t take the place of a proper tour but handy for when that isn’t an option or if there are a few specific landmarks you wish to visit.

If you have ever been in an unfamiliar city and seen an interesting building and wondered what it is then Derry Smart Tour is the app for you. Your tour guide can’t accompany you for the entire time but your mobile phone and Derry Smart Tour can and will help you make the most of your visit to the Walled City.

Derry Smart Tour was made by a software development student for practice and to provide an example of work for future prospective employers. Anyone that wishes to provide extra information not currently in the app or any local business wants to be added into the app please let me know by contacting me with one of the methods in the footer below.